Jake McCrary

Trip to the Nova Scotia cabin

The weather started warm but quickly cooled off and most of the trip was cool. Before I arrived, Steve and Preethi had installed a wood burning stove and solar panels and battery. These were all very useful. I brought electronics and installed lighting powered by the battery on the main floor of the cabin. I also made a box for storing wood next to the stove and Preethi did a wonderful paint job on it. We also built a very solid bookshelf out of an old door and some excess 2x4s.

Unrelated to the cabin itself, but this trip I rented a car. I don’t remember what car it was but it had some modern features that attempted to keep you in your lane. These features were pretty great. The car would either try to steer back into the lane or vibrate the steering wheel to alert you. It also had adaptive cruise control. This was extremely useful.