Jake McCrary

Nova Scotia Cabin 2019

This was a short trip to the Nova Scotia cabin as I had just started a new job and felt like taking more than a week off was too bold of move.

For some background, this property in Nova Scotia was purchased years ago and is shared by about a handful of friends. We built a cabin with the help of some locals and typically go there once a year. Unless you can drive over a very rocky beach, the property is not accessible by motor vehicle. As of 2018, there is some solar power available. There is not a good source of drinking water unless you filter the well water and then boil it so most of our drinking water we bring in periodically.

This year the big project was building a tool shed. This was done primarily by Steve and his dad, Cal. The tool shed is also jokingly being called our guest house since it has space for beds.

When I was there the weather was mostly good with only a little bit of rain. The temperature varied with some days approaching chilly and others being quite hot.

Preethi, Steve, and I found and cut trail to the top of a the scenic cliff. Hopefully we’ll be able to easily find the trail in future years and keep making it more permanent.

View from cliff

Near the cliff there is a boulder and this year we cleaned off some of the moss and I tried climbing it. The first ascent of this line is still available as I didn’t top out. We’ll need to clean off more of the the sketchy moss on top before I feel comfortable pulling myself over the lip.

Jake bouldering

Other projects that were completed by people at the cabin include:

  • Coat tree built from chair legs
  • Campfire oven built
  • Various trails cut
  • Tool shed / Guest house built
  • Water storage cube moved to top of cliff near cabin
  • Canoe purchased and used
  • Boulder rediscovered, cleaned (a little bit), and climbed
  • Wood storage area built