Jake McCrary

A Fall weekend in Red Wing, Minnesota

This was a short weekend trip to Red Wing, Minnesota. This was Christine, Alina, and my last planned trip before Alina has her child.

We stayed in a Super 8 in Red Wing and it was alright. We had a delicious breakfast on Saturday at Hanisch Bakery and Coffee Shop. At the bakery, we also picked up sandwiches for lunch and donuts for an afternoon snack. Either those donuts were amazing or donuts just taste great after hiking and climbing. We should have bought so many more donuts.

We definitely didn’t do early starts as we wanted to wait for the day to warm up. The weather on Saturday was pretty great as long as you were in the sun. Only one of the three routes we climbed was in the sun. Saturday was pretty busy with most of the sunny areas being really full.

Sunday was overcast and felt a bit colder. We made sure to try and stay in sunniest parts.

On Saturday we climbed:

Frequent Flatulence was the highlight route of Saturday.

On Sunday we climbed:

The Sleeping Bat in a Ziplock Bag route was pretty fun.