Jake McCrary

Releasing lein-autoexpect 1.0

Put together a new release of lein-autoexpect today. lein-autoexpect is a plugin for Leiningen that monitors your source directories for changes and then reloads your code and runs your expectations. It reports test output to the console and optionally sends notifications to Growl (and Growl like notification tools).

To use lein-autoexpect, add :plugins [[lein-autoexpect "1.0"]] to your either your project’s project.clj or your global ~/.lein/profiles.clj. To use the plugin run lein autoexpect. This will display the test results to the console. To also have results reported using Growl run lein autoexpect :growl.

Release 1.0 of lein-autoexpect upgrades its dependency on org.clojure/tools.namespace to version 0.2.4. It also no longer crashes if there isn’t a Growl connection available.

If you haven’t tried using expectations and lein-autoexpect I encourage you to give it a try. Having my tests run automatically made a huge positive difference on my development experience.

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