Jake McCrary

Running clojure.test tests on file changes

I recently switched companies and find myself working on a project that uses clojure.test. I haven’t worked with clojure.test since I started using expectations with lein-autoexpect. This combination spoiled me when it comes to testing Clojure code. I can no longer stand running tests by hand; I’m too used to having a tool run them for me. As a result I tried out some clojure.test continuous testing tools.

I wasn’t satisfied with what I found. Since I wrote lein-autoexpect, a continous tester for expectations, it was easy for me to fork it and and create lein-test-refresh. lein-test-refresh solves the issues I ran into with the other clojure.test tools.

To use lein-test-refresh follow these steps (latest version found in image at end):

  1. Add [com.jakemccrary/lein-test-refresh "0.1.2"] to the :plugins section in your project.clj or ~/.lein/profiles.clj file.
  2. Run lein test-refresh or lein test-refresh :growl.
  3. Enjoy your minimal feedback delays between editing your Clojure code and seeing if your tests pass.

lein-test-refresh watches the source and test directories specified in your project.clj and reloads code when files changes. After reloading your code your clojure.test tests are run and the output is printed to your console. When you pass :growl as a command line argument the plugin will use growl to notify you of success and failures. This is one of my favorite features about lein-test-refresh as it allows me to continuously run my tests without taking up space on my monitors.

I hope you enjoy lein-test-refresh. It has made using clojure.test much more enjoyable.

Latest version from Clojars: Clojars generated dependency vector

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