Jake McCrary

Built-in test narrowing with lein-test-refresh

If you follow my work you probably know that I value fast feedback cycles. Most of the open-source I maintain was developed to enable faster feedback cycles. This is why lein-test-refresh and lein-autoexpect were originally created.

Leiningen supports test selectors and lein-test-refresh does as well. This lets you start-up a testing session and only run tests or namespaces with certain metadata on them. This is a super useful feature as it lets you narrow your testing scope to one (or a handful) of tests while working on solving a specific problem.

lein-test-refresh now has built-in functionality that allows you to focus your test scope without restarting the Leiningen test process. If lein-test-refresh sees a deftest or ns form marked with :test-refresh/focus true in its metadata, then it will only run tests marked with :test-refresh/focus.

Below is an example of what this looks like.

(deftest ^:test-refresh/focus test-addition
  (is (= 2 (+ 1 1))))

This functionality has only been available for a short period of time and I’ve already found it useful. I think you will too. Enjoy.

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