Jake McCrary

Notifications with tmux and lein-test-refresh

I’ve been using Emacs in a remote tmux session lately and I’ve been missing lein-test-refresh notifications when my Clojure tests pass or fail. Luckily, it only took me a little bit of searching to figure out a solution for when I’m working inside of tmux.

Below is a GIF of the notifications I get as my tests run and pass or fail.

tmux and test-refresh notifications

With the above notifications, I can keep my focus on my code and only switch to the tmux window with lein test-refresh running when a test fails.

This was pretty easy to setup. You can trigger a message in tmux by running tmux display-message <MESSAGE_HERE>. To configure lein-test-refresh to send notifications to tmux simply include the following in your :test-refresh section of your project.clj or profiles.clj.

:test-refresh {:notify-command ["tmux" "display-message"]}

I hope you enjoy this. Its has made using a remote terminal with tmux and lein-test-refresh more enjoyable.

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