Jake McCrary

Introducing Photo Fit

Earlier this year, I wanted to use a landscape photo as my background on my phone. It wasn’t the photo below but we can use it as an example.

Landscape image of my keyboard

When I made it my background, my phone1 zoomed in to make it fit the portrait orientation of the phone.

Screenshot of phone with zoomed in keyboard photo

This is not great. I don’t want a zoomed in version that fits my vertical phone. I want to see the whole photo with black bars at the top and bottom

I tried to find a way to add these bars using my phone. I couldn’t find an easy way.

At this point, a reasonable solution would have been transferring the photo to a computer, editing it, and transferring it back to my phone. I didn’t do that. Instead, I wrote a little TypeScript2 web app that adds the bars for you. You open the website on your phone, select an image, and then download a properly sized image.

Screenshot of phone with properly fitting image

The tool uses the canvas API and does all of the work in the browser itself. It was a fun, bite-sized project and it gave me an excuse to write some TypeScript and do some web programming. This was the first time I’ve written TypeScript since learning it and I haven’t done any web programming in a while.

Making Photo Fit was not a fast approach to changing my phone’s background. But, now the tool exists and anyone, including future me, can quickly resize their photo from the comfort of their own phone.

Photo Fit is live and available for others to use. I’ve only tested it on my own phone and desktop browsers. It might not work! If you do try it and something weird happens, plese let me know.

  1. A Samsung S8 running Android 9
  2. I recently learned some TypeScript through Execute Program. Execute program is a really neat application of spaced repetition for learning programming concepts.
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