Jake McCrary


I write code. I currently work at Outpace trying to change the way business applications are delivered to the enterprise.

Previously I worked at DRW Trading. At DRW I spent my time writing research tools, trading systems (latency sensitive and non-latency sensitive), and more.

I enjoy coming up with simple solutions to seemingly complex problems. I’ve found that pair programming and test driven development helps deliver high quality software.

I’ve written code in a decent number of languages including Clojure, Java, C#, C++, C, Q, Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, ClojureScript, Haskell, Emacs Lisp, Scala, VBA, and probably some others I’m not remembering. So far I’ve been happiest when coding in a Lisp though I need to explore some more languages with a good type system (looking at you Haskell, I need to write more of you).

When not coding I try to be active, mostly focusing on rock climbing and sailing. I’ve hiked to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and have sailed multiple times in the Chicago to Mackinac race. In the 2013 race the boat I crewed on placed second in our fleet.

The best way to contact me is through email. I can also be found on Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, and Goodreads.